Garlic Infused EVOO (3 Pack)

A fantastic gift for the Olive Oil lover in your family, that special host at a Holiday party or yourself! With three Find all the ways you can use it and enjoy incredible flavor.

Widely recognized as the finest tasting garlic-infused organic extra-virgin olive oil on the market. This subtle, unique oil is great for sauteing or stir-frying your favorite dishes, or simply use it as a bread dip. Adds rich flavor to roasted and fried potatoes, steamed vegetables, roast chicken, grilled meats and more. A healthy, delicious substitute for butter, and ordinary cooking oils. Great in marinades and sauces, and as a finishing oil.

3 bottles, 8.44 fl. ounces - 250 ml

Ingredients: Organic, extra virgin olive oil infused with the rich flavor of organic garlic.

Three year shelf life unopened (6-12 months opened). Store in a cool, dark place.


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Garlic Gold® Oil

The best tasting garlic-infused organic extra-virgin olive oil...we guarantee it! This subtle, unique oil is great for preparing your favorite dishes, or use as a bread dipping sauce. Sautee seafood or vegetables, roast potatoes, beets and more, use in marinades or sauces, or drizzle it on a fresh loaf of crusty bread - delicious! It can also be used as an alternative to butter on baked potatoes or steamed veggies for a scrumptious flavor.
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