Garlic Italian Herb Nuggets - .9 LB

For those that fell in love with our fabulous Italian Herb Nuggets, save 10% when you buy in bulk! If you enjoy Italian seasonings and the rich, crisp taste and crunch of our Nuggets, you'll love our Italian Herb Nuggets! Use when cooking sauces, pastas, stews, soups and more. This is a savory, proprietary blend from our founder, Rinaldo Brutoco. Our Italian Herb Nuggets make a great sodium free alternative to flavor your meals.

.9 Pounds

Ingredients: Organic garlic, chopped and toasted to crunchy perfection in organic extra-virgin olive oil, blended with a proprietary blend of organic Italian seasonings.


Custom Engraved Jar


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Toasted Garlic Nuggets - 1 LB


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Garlic Gold®

Toasted crunchy organic garlic mixed with organic extra-virgin olive oil. Stir and drizzle on steamed vegetables, bread, salad, meats and fish for a gourmet garlic experience!
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