20% off - Case, Garlic Gold Southwest Nuggets

20% off a case! An incredible blend of our hand crafted, organic and delicious Garlic Gold® Nuggets with the zesty, spicy, full flavored taste of authentic Mexican Seasonings. Sprinkle on tacos, enchiladas, burritos, guacamole, quesadillas, beans and rice or your favorite Mexican cuisine and enjoy our signature crunch and lively flavors from the Southwest!

One case is six 2.0 ounce bottles.

Ingredients: Organic garlic chopped and toasted to crunchy perfection in organic extra-virgin olive oil, tossed with a Proprietary blend of Organic Mexican seasonings.



20% off - Case, Garlic Gold Nuggets

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Garlic Gold Custom Engraved Jar


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Garlic Gold® Nuggets

Organic, unique and handcrafted these Gourmet Garlic? Condiments turn any meal in to a gourmet dining experience! From the crunch of the garlic to the subtle garlic infusion of the highest quality, first cold press organic-extra virgin olive oil, these gourmet delights are one of a kind.
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